Student Advising

The Equipment Reservation Administration application is part of UT’s College of Communication Usher Portal. Used to house every-day applications for the faculty, staff, and students of the college.

Star is the Student Advising tool used by the College of Communication. This portion of Star is tailored for use by students. They can log in and schedule appointments online with their academic advisers. They can cancel as well as reschedule appointments, and look at notes from previous academic session. It utilizes Exchange Web Services to directly schedule appointments on the advisers calendar.

Student Advising Student Advising


Star Administration is the portal for academic advisors and staff to facilitate the every day operations of student academic advising. There levels of users exist in the administration tool each with their own level of access.

Front-desk Personnel are allowed to:

  • Look-up students
  • Check a student in for advising
  • Schedule, reschedule, and cancel student appointments
  • Assign advisors to students who have no advisor yet
  • Remove or add availability slots as needed
  • View Activity reports and advisor calendars

Academic Advisors have access to:

  • Most functions of the Front-desk Personnel
  • Conduct Advising sessions
  • Record notes for the student to vie
  • Record notes for internal usage
  • Update their general availability calendar
  • View students who have been added to a wait-list

Star Administrators have access to

  • All functions of the Front-desk Personnel
  • View a variety of reports
  • View student/advisor mappings
  • Bulk load student/advisor mappings
  • Bulk remove student/advisor mappings